We are a husband and wife team blessed with a JOY that runs deep and hoping to share what that JOY means to us through our designs and stories. Inspired by our Faith, the big and small lessons that God continues to teach us each day, the people, places and things we love, as well as a dream to bring JOY, a smile and ENCOURAGEMENT through our hand drawn designs and the meaningful stories we write from our hearts to yours.

We are a small business hoping that we can make a small difference in this world. Garments have always been seen as an artful way to express oneself. But what if the apparel we wear isn’t just another hat, shirt, sweater, or pair of denim, what if that piece of apparel comes with a story, a story beyond just fashion or style, but rather, offer encouragement and a reminder of how even the small things in our lives can point us to the big things that could make our world a better place? What if that is what we hope for?

Many of us grew up in childhood with a favourite sweatshirt or tee shirt that we loved exploring and seeing the world around in.  We hope that the sweatshirts and tee shirts we design and create for the little pistachios will not only remind them of the adventures they will experience, but more meaningfully, that the stories we personally write for each design will make a lasting imprint in their everyday journey.  Such that, the story of perseverance, joy, hope, contentment, love, peace, acceptance, and much more will be reflected in a personal and real way as they grow and understand the world around them. 

With this concept of "Fast Fashion" so prominent in today's time, the negative impact it is having on our planet as well as the many women, men and children suffering and feeling helpless in dire work conditions/environments to produce these goods, have reminded us that we can take a stand for change and be a voice even in the little ways, and in the small decisions we make as consumers and designers. We are committed to making all decisions in an ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly way.  All designs are hand drawn by us and printed locally in Canada. We love the idea of creating a timeless shirt that can be passed down to siblings, cousins, and/or friends. We love and encourage the concept of Hand me downs!:)