April 8, 2019

Supporting SEEDS of GRACE Ministry

Sorry we haven’t posted on here for awhile, but we would like to share about a ministry that we are so glad to collaborate with and support- Seeds of Grace ministry. To learn more about what they are about, please check out their website at https://seedsofgrace.ca/

We have created adult size sweatshirts in the signature My Little Pistachio Mountain design for Seeds of grace. So if you are looking to twin with your little pistachio, this is the perfect opportunity to puchase an adult size sweatshirt. All sales and profits will go towards their ministry and their fight against poverty and homelessness, as they continue to be a beacon of light to those who are in need of support whether it be food, shelter, clothing, mental health, and addictions. Please visit their website listed above to purchase your adult size sweatshirt:)

We will continue to pray for those that this ministry is reaching out to and that is fundraiser will be a blessing to many. Your support towards this fundraiser is so much appreciated!

Celebrating another year, a birthday, and much more..

It’s our little Noah’s second birthday, and sure did it  come fast! We remember officially launching My Little Pistachio last year on Noah’s first birthday and praying to hearand understand what God would want My Little Pistachio to mean to us as a family, to Noah, as well as everyone we share it with.  God has been so good, teaching us much through My Little Pistachio, the big and small lessons about faith, perseverance, patience and joy in the midst of uncertainties and fears, the big things and the small things.  We are so very thankful for each of your support and words of encouragement along the way.  It has blessed our hearts. Seeing a child wear our shirt means so much to us not only because they look super adorable in it, but more importantly, because we hope that the meaning of our brand and the story behind every design will truly touch their big hearts and encourage them to walk through every experience in life with a joyful spirit. This is what brings us joy, and is what we look forward to most in our journey with My Little Pistachio. Our prayer is that it meaningfully impacts each child, such that 10 ,20, or 30 years from now,  it won’t be just that favorite shirt they remember, but the story that comes with it, and the encouraging lesson they would’ve personally learned and better understood through every adventure .

As we step into another year of Noah’s life, we learn a little more of what it means to love, and we understand a little more of what God means when he says He LOVE US, his children! We watch our child grow, cry, laugh, learn, love others, sing and dance (literally) each day and we realize how special and rewarding it is to be given this role of parenthood. We also humbly acknowledge that we have and will make mistakes along the way, that we will fall short in our role, but we are so thankful that we can rely on God’s grace and strength, which is more than sufficient. Just as we pray that My Little Pistachio and the stories we write will bless all the little pistachios that wear it, we also pray that it will bless and encourage our little Noah, that he will continue to sail towards God’s presence everyday of his life and be filled with utmost joy always.  Happy birthday our little Nono!